Listen | Educate | Direction | Advice.

Our Mission


Our mission is to connect people in financial hardship, financial stress and weak financial positions with the right advice, enabling them to make a meaningful and lasting difference to their lives. 

We strive to make professional financial advice accessible to the wider community and encourage those in need to seek support from experienced, licensed financial advisers. 


Our Principles


What makes us different? What does the Leda name (L.E.D.A.) really stand for? 


We pride ourselves on the fact that we actually listen. We really listen to what our client's concerns are, what their goals are and their own input as to what they are (or are not!) comfortable with.


Education is vital. You need an adviser who speaks your language, someone who can help you understand your options and provide the information to you in a way that makes sense to you. 


Don't know where to start? Or which direction to head? Can't see a way forward or how to get out of a situation? Direction and purpose are very important when considering financial decisions.


Sometimes the worst thing to do is nothing. Putting off a decision can often makes things worse in the long term! We want you to feel empowered, informed and supported to take control, make a decision and take action.

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Making a difference.

"My husband and I have had Michael advising us on our financial affairs for quite a few years and we can highly recommend him to anyone who is needing advice on retirement, investments and any other financial needs they have. He's highly professional and knowledgeable about money matters I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants only the best adviser."

— Mrs Tysoe, 66yo Retiree