What are we about?


Leda Financial Advice Ltd is simply about getting people who need financial advice the help they need. 

We've recognised there are a huge number of people who need financial advice and don't know where to seek it, or feel that they can't afford it. Leda was established to provide low cost and pro bono financial advice to people in financial hardship, low income earners, or those with low financial literacy

This advice is provided by an experienced, professional and qualified financial advice practice. 


Founding Director

Michael Ward, Founding Director

Our founding director Michael Ward has over 16 years experience in financial services and over 10 years experience as a licensed financial adviser. The Global Financial Crisis following 2007 had a fundamental impact on Michael's approach to the financial advice he provides clients. His focus is to provide advice and strategies that reach a clients goals with minimal risk, the greatest degree of probability and in the most efficient manner possible. Michael has a Masters of Financial Planning, Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and is a member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) Australia and the Financial Planning Association (FPA) Australia.