Our Offerings


 Financial Advice

Being a registered not-for-profit organisation, we do not make any profits from any fees charged to our clients. This means that we can provide high quality, personal financial advice for a lower cost than a commercially run financial planning practice. Under our constitution the maximum advice fee we can charge clients that meet our low asset and low income limits is $1,500 (excluding GST). 


 Pro-Bono Financial Advice

Sometimes life can throw a pretty harsh curve-ball and at times like that we're here to help... really help, without the fear or anxiety of getting hit with a bill or an invoice. We're pleased to offer regular Pro-Bono advice for people in great need. Our current resources allow us to offer Pro-Bono advice each month.   


  Financial Literacy & Education support

Leda Financial Advice Ltd have partnered with Kaplan Professional (leading financial services education provider) to offer education scholarships to the public. These scholarships are designed to enable people to improve their own lives and the lives of those close to them. Every year, for selected individuals, the course costs are fully funded by us. Whether you're looking for support getting into financial services as a career, or you want to learn technical financial services knowledge for your own personal use, these scholarships could be the jump start that you need!

Throughout the year, we also host and run financial education workshops and seminars with no attendance fees. These seminars span a number of relevant topics, providing up to date information and technical strategies for people to consider and apply to their own situation where appropriate.

Michael is a very passionate, engaging and energised presenter who is very good at breaking down complex information for everyone to easily understand. 


 New Adviser mentor

Leda Financial Advice Ltd engages with advisers who are early in their careers to support and coach them to become more proficient, more confident, more structured, more focused on compliance and their regulatory obligations. These programs have been run as part of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) Mentor Program and independently with new, aspiring advisers.